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Non-Vegetables That Diabetics Can Eat

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There are non-vegetables in store for diabetics as well. We expect to be advised of eating healthy foods and talking about healthy foods, vegetables pop up from our minds. However, apart from general views, diabetics can actually eat non-vegetables too since they also need the nutrients that these foods have to offer.

Meat such as beef, pork, bacon, lamb                non-vegetables

Diabetics need fats and proteins. Meats have these so they can take them as long as they eat in moderation, especially if they are under medication. People with diabetes have just be watchful with carbohydrates.

They can also eat organ meats such as the heart, kidney and liver as these have minerals and vitamins our body needs. Animal liver for example has Vitamin C 4 times as much as pears and apples.

Non-vegetables list for diabetics include poultry like turkey, goose, chicken, duck, etc. Practically, all animal meats are fine even if you do not cut off the meat fats. It can be without restrictions.

Sea foods – a better source of protein

Fish and sea foods are good. The ocean abounds with minerals and so are the creatures in it. Fish and sea foods are rich in potassium, selenium, calcium, iron, phosphorous and iodine – al the needed dietary minerals. People, even those with severe diabetes need these as well. Fish and sea foods are sources of protein diabetics need. In fact, the protein they have are much safer and healthier than that of animal meat.

Fish is one non-vegetable food for diabetics; and the good thing about fish and sea foods are that preparing them have endless delicious possibilities. Do not fry the fish if you can. Fried fish, especially when prepared at extremely hot temperatures has bad fats. When oil is produced from these hot temperatures, toxic is also formed. Avoid that as much as possible.

It is best to prepare fish by steaming, grilling, pan roasting or baking.

Other foods

Diabetics can also take continental sausage (except British sausage which has high content of cereal usually), eggs (no omega-3 eggs please since they are fed artificially), natural and plain yogurt, cream and butter. You may use cream in drinks that are hot instead of milk, and butter on cooked vegetables instead of gravy.

There you go, delicious non-vegetables for diabetics. Diabetics have a lot of food choices and can enjoy delicious servings with care and moderate amount. At least they can enjoy as well and still stay healthy.



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